I am Anthony Guico, I am the Chief Financial Officer for Automatica Technology Solutions.

What is the most impactful trend in business today?

One of the most impactful trends to businesses would be increasing computing technology; it’s been largely influential in how businesses compete, sell higher, and market. Small and large organizations now have access to markets, customers, and suppliers that’s unprecedented in their history.

Having access to information to make critical business decisions has become faster, easier with increasing reliability but this access comes with risks: cyberattacks on companies can range from minimal to highly orchestrated organized attempts. The consequences of these attacks can be devastating to an organization’s finances and reputation.

Each company is different, so a solution for one group might be quite different from another. We recognize each company is different so a solution for one group might be quite different for another; security or sensitive data, and access to an organization’s network becomes paramount for companies to remain competitive. Automatica’s business model allows us to identify these unique needs and tailor solutions that are effective and scale for our clients.

It’s Automatica’s goal to ensure that our clients can focus on their business knowing this aspect of their organization is well cared for.

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