IT Support for Law Firms

Law firms demand more from their IT Support providers. Automatica delivers.

Comprehensive IT Support for law firms is critical for your operations. It acts as an insurance policy for your data, while ensuring your firm’s tech is always patched and up to scratch. Automatica delivers comprehensive IT Support to law firms in and around Edmonton. 

Our fast and friendly service means you’ll spend your billable hours productively, not on hold. And with our industry-leading data protection and data backup solutions, you don’t need to worry about your client or firm data.

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We know the legal industry and we know document management and other legal software.

Advanced Cybersecurity for Law Firms

Continuity Planning That’s Convenient

When it comes to your client data and your firm’s knowledge, nothing short of industry-leading protection will do. Our IT Solutions offer advanced cybersecurity for law firms. 

You get IT backup solutions that are resistant to ransomware, incredibly reliable, and completely customizable. Your backups are encrypted, efficient, and protect your law firm data from physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure sources.

Want a data backup system that would have you back online within 1 hour after a fire burned down your office? Ask us about it!

Host Your Law Firm Data in Canada

Increasingly stringent requirements, both locally and globally, coupled with an uncertain regulatory environment make local hosting in Canada the smart choice. Canada’s regulation and enforcement of privacy are amongst the strongest in the world. You want to rely on data hosting built to uphold those standards, as a minimum.

Additionally, with data hosted in Canada, the burden of transferring your data from another jurisdiction is limited only to your third-party service providers. So, your law firm faces fewer obstacles related to those transfers. 

24/7 Monitoring & IT Support for Your Law Firm

On-site & Off-site Support Options

With Automatica, you get a dedicated technician you can call morning or night. Where possible, we’ll come to you. That’s how we offer better diagnostics and better results. Though, off-site IT support is available too. This allows us to solve any smaller issues you might have with minimal downtime and without disruption to your firm’s operations.

As a COVID-conscious organization, we work as hard to keep your team safe as we do to protect your data. 


Proactive Monitoring

We have alerts that let us know once something goes wrong. But we work hard to prevent issues arising in the first place. That means your systems are reliably up and running more often, so you can focus on what matters.

Work From Home IT Solutions for Your Lawyers

Hybrid work from home arrangements are here to stay for Canadian law firms. Your law firm needs future-ready IT solutions. We work within your current infrastructure to offer outstanding IT solutions for your teams. 

Basic Training and IT Education are provided too. So you can be sure your lawyers know how to use their device to keep client and firm data safe and secure. 

We’re Apple Certified, but we aren’t brand loyal, so we’ll work with whichever computer systems you already use.

We Work on Your Law Firm’s Tech Timeline

We’re proud to offer creative IT solutions within your current tech infrastructure. With Automatica, you don’t need to update to the latest technologies if that’s not a priority in your budget. We’ll work with what tech you’ve got in place currently, while looking to and planning for your law firm’s future.

Managed IT for Law Firms

Whatever managed IT your law firm needs, find it with Automatica.

Computer Repair

If you are having problems, just give us a call and show us what it is that needs fixing.

Data & Disaster Recovery

Automatica specializes in assisting you in evaluating the myriad offerings in the backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery field.

Managed IT

Our managed IT services do more than provide you with an extra set of hands — we deliver assistance, impartial assessments, practical solutions, years of expertise and peace of mind.

Network Assessment

The main question is how many issues have you had trying to connect to the printer, server, internet or any other device on the network? This is where we can help.

VOIP Phone Systems

Automatica has partnered with Jive to provide an affordable hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) system that allows you to get the calling features you need without sacrificing call quality or incurring huge costs!

IT Consulting

We offer a full range of IT Consulting services that are available to fit your specialized needs. This includes helping you find answers to routine technology questions to complete technology planning.

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