IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Automatica, strives to be more than just “the computer guys” – we aim to be an informative resource for your team.


Our Objectives

By getting a clear understanding of you business model, strategy and relevant requirements, we can help you make the best decisions around your IT plan.

We offer a full range of IT Consulting services that are available to fit your specialized needs. This includes helping you find answers to routine technology questions to complete technology planning. 

Automatica’s services include network health assessments, business continuity consulting, assistance with the procurement of hardware and software, and much more – along with ongoing IT strategy meetings to ensure the success of your solutions and your total peace of mind.

Commitment-free IT assessments

Flexible service agreements to fit your needs

Experienced, impartial professional service

Strategic guidance for adopting the latest technologies

Best-of-breed partnerships and vendor relationships

Broad perspective on overcoming IT challenges


Business Analysis & Project Management

A system-wide roll-out, software upgrade, or new implementation can cause problems to your business if all the crucial elements are not carefully considered and efficiently managed. Automatica assists with managing these projects so that you can rest easily knowing that your technology and business is being taken care of.


This is the most important part of the process where we determine what technologies and practices are best for your company. Not all businesses are created equally and we understand that your specific needs are unique to your situation. By understanding these needs, Automatica can provide you with the most accurate IT recommendations.


The next step is implementing and controlling the needed IT services while maintaining the business functions that make up the technical aspects of your company. This involves taking  service calls, being available for more consultations, and scheduling proactive IT support when needed.


The work is not completed once we’ve implemented your solution. IT progression involves researching and changing IT solutions based on new technologies and business plans – all while staying in open communication. We specialize in working with you in a partnership that addresses your goals in your technology plan. We will assist you in determining if a technology upgrade is in fact the best option for your specific circumstances, or if deferring the upgrade is more prudent.

“I have seen, all too often, technology companies submitting quotations for vastly over specified hardware installations. They see their clients as an opportunity to sell hardware, and they will steer their clients to systems that are many times more powerful than required for their current or projected needs.” – John Kratochvil, Automatica Technology Solutions


IT Outsourcing vs. In-House IT

The majority of business owners will find IT outsourcing better for their budget than a comparable in-house IT team. It’s notoriously time-consuming to hire for the latest IT skills. It can take a year or even longer to architect an in-house team, which leaves you with payroll, training costs, and other overhead. On top of that, you have to be concerned with on-boarding new employees and clients. 

IT outsourcing provides better results both in day-to-day operational costs and in opportunity costs, letting you capitalize on emerging trends right away. IT outsourcing can easily handle unexpected, rapid growth. If you need to launch a new office or expand your capabilities fast, outsourcing gives a way of doing it while minimizing the financial drag to your business.


Do you need IT Outsourcing?

No matter what industry you’re in, IT shouldn’t be isolated from the rest of your business. It’s vital to ensure your team has the technological resources necessary to push growth and revenue to new heights. With that in mind, Automatica will serve as your designated technology partner.

One of the major advantages of an experienced IT firm is the ability to connect capabilities to strategy. If you are planning the launch of a new product, location, or other initiative that will call for new IT tools, we can architect a custom solution exactly when you need it.

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