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Automatica Technology Solutions was formed in 2016 to provide quality IT support to our customers. Our goal is to assist you in using your IT budget wisely to satisfy your business needs. Keeping your employees and customers happy is a goal of your business, and we enable this goal by ensuring your computers, networks and software perform optimally.

We take a different approach to supporting your business than most IT companies. Our Managed Services customers are assigned a technician who becomes familiar with your specific situation and setup. Your technician will visit your site on a regular basis, taking care of issues and concerns before they become crises. We will be available to assist in a wide range of areas, including planning, and moves, ensuring you don’t overspend on technology.

One of our founding principles is that we only recommend changes where there will be an actual benefit- if your current systems are satisfying your business needs, we work with you to get the most out of your IT dollar. We will identify the pros and cons of your current configuration, identify any risks, and assist you in making the best decisions for your company. This often results in considerable savings to our clients, while assuring them that their systems- and businesses- are performing optimally.


What We Do

We work with you to understand your business, your priorities, and your budget. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs, as well as bringing our expertise and knowledge. We will alert you if there are opportunities for new technology appropriate to your business needs.

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