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Automatica Partners with Datto!

We're very happy to announce that Automatica Technology Solutions has partnered with Datto, Inc. to provide the best backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware solution! For a reasonable cost, we can provide a bulletproof backup solution that can recover from almost any disaster in only a few minutes. Even in the…

Backups and Recovery

One of the areas that is commonly missed when discussing your IT needs is a thorough examination of backups and recovering from disaster. Your data can be critical to your business, and losing that data can have dramatic and far reaching consequences. Years ago, I worked for a company that…

The SOHO Specialists

After working in the IT support field for over 30 years, it became apparent that IT support companies preferred to work with larger companies. While they would work with small and home offices (SOHO), they often did not understand the unique requirements of the smaller organization. Often times quotes would…