My name is John Kratochvil, I’m the President of Automatica Technology Solutions.

Which is better for my company, having a cloud or having a local server?

The cloud is storage on the internet that you can access from anywhere.

With an emphasis on the ease of access. Having your data on the cloud is great, but you need to ensure that it is being managed correctly. Are they securing access to your data? Do they have adequate backups? What if your internet goes down or what if your cloud’s server power goes out? Or let’s say they go out of business, can you access a local copy of your data?

Some companies choose to set up their own local cloud server which ensures that they get the benefits of the cloud but also have their data fully under control. This often means they take ownership of all the risks, the backups, the internet access, and the security.

Every company is different so the solution for one company may be quite different from another. Automatica can help you strike the right balance between ease of access the cloud provides and the safety of having your data under your own control.

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