Variable or Fixed

Variable or Fixed, You Choose

Automatica Technology Solutions offers regular scheduled on-site technician visits. This allows us to address the often overlooked preventative maintenance duties that are rarely addressed by hourly technicians. We identify and respond to issues before they impact your business, allowing scheduling of downtime to minimize business interruptions. We can proactively test your backup systems, apply updates and patches, as well as address any small issues that crop up. It also allows you to budget your IT costs without the normal cost spikes.

Even in an IT crisis, such as a crashed server or missing files, our Fixed Schedule service does not incur additional costs to you the customer, within reasonable limits. We work with you to ensure that there are as few crisis as possible. We can set up backup strategies, continuity plans, as well as the little tweaks and checks that eliminate the day-to-day hassles in your systems.

If you prefer to work on a normal hourly basis, we would be delighted to accommodate you as well. Contact us to discuss your specific needs!