Screenshot of Cryptolocker, a common variant of Randsomware.

Backups are a wonderful thing, they are the insurance that ensures that in a disaster, your data and files are safe and can be restored. But unless you’ve tested your backups, this belief may be misplaced.

A recent outbreak of Cryptolocker, a malicious program that encrypts all of your data and then demands payment to decrypt them, showed one local company that their backups had problems. Their IT supplier had been running regular backups, but the backup system had not been recently tested. It had failed on late last year, and had not completed a backup successfully since then. The company was looking at losing weeks to months of financial and operations data. With no other options, they were forced to pay the ransom.

Backup systems are often presented as a “set it and forget it” type system, but experience has shown that backup systems are as susceptible to Murphy’s Law as everything else in life. At Automatica we recommend checking your backups by doing a test restore on a regular basis. The exact frequency of the checks depends on your exact business needs, but we recommend weekly checks in most cases. We can show you how to do test restores on your specific backup solution, or we can take care of this chore for you.

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