Networks, Wireless, and VPNs

Automatica has designed and implemented networks big and small. We can help you with wiring, network design, wireless access, and connecting your offices together so your employees can work seamlessly.

Wired Networks

We have extensive experience in designing networks, from selecting and terminating cabling in the walls, to the switches and hardware that actually makes the entire network run. We can ensure your network is performing at peak efficiency, while ensuring that you do not overpay for equipment or features you don’t need.

Wireless Networks

In a modern work environment, WiFi is considered an essential service, and it is frustrating for your employees and customers if it isn’t working correctly. It is also one of the easiest ways for hackers to penetrate your business. Securing WiFi and eliminating dead-zones are two areas we specialize in, and are happy to help with.

Virtual Private Networks

Automatica can connect your offices together so that all your employees have access to all your network resources- printers, servers, and custom applications. We create encrypted connections over the internet that will automatically transfer your network traffic to where it needs to go, so your users can access what they want as if they were all in the same physical location!