“Trust but verify” – We have mentioned this regarding backup systems, but it’s just as applicable to internet providers.

Recently we had a situation where a client was paying for 150 mb/s on their cable modem, but reported that their internet was “very slow”. 150 mb/s shouldn’t be slow, so we knew something was wrong. We tested the connection, and the modem was only providing 7 mb/s- less than 5% of what they were paying for! Further investigation showed that their internet had not been providing 150 for months (closer to 30 mb/s).

We contacted the provider, who acknowledged that the hardware was at fault, arranged a replacement unit, and we even negotiated a lower cost per month for the whole contract!

Automatica can put in place systems that will perform periodic checks of your internet health, and catch problems like this as soon as possible.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash