Automatica Partners with Datto!

We’re very happy to announce that Automatica Technology Solutions has partnered with Datto, Inc. to provide the best backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware solution! For a reasonable cost, we can provide a bulletproof backup solution that can recover from almost any disaster in only a few minutes. Even in the event of a major disaster- […]

Trust, but Verify


Backups are a wonderful thing, they are the insurance that ensures that in a disaster, your data and files are safe and can be restored. But unless you’ve tested your backups, this belief may be misplaced. A recent outbreak of Cryptolocker, a malicious program that encrypts all of your data and then demands payment to […]

Backups and Recovery

One of the areas that is commonly missed when discussing your IT needs is a thorough examination of backups and recovering from disaster. Your data can be critical to your business, and losing that data can have dramatic and far reaching consequences. Years ago, I worked for a company that flew helicopters, and aviation has […]