One of the areas that is commonly missed when discussing your IT needs is a thorough examination of backups and recovering from disaster. Your data can be critical to your business, and losing that data can have dramatic and far reaching consequences.

Years ago, I worked for a company that flew helicopters, and aviation has strict industry requirements for documentation. If you cannot prove your helicopter is maintained, you cannot fly it. So when I was hired, one of the first things we discussed was the need to create an electronic record of this documentation, and to store it off site so it would be safe in the event of a disaster. We set about planning a system to digitize and duplicate this data. Exactly 30 days after I was hired, and before we implemented our system, I got a call- the hanger, where all of the records were kept, was on fire.

The damage, as you can see was extensive. The vital records, the ones that the government required for the company to keep operating, ended up charred, burnt, and subsequently soaked with water:

Charred records
Charred records immediately after recovery.

We mounted a concerted, all hands on deck effort to carefully separate, dry, and record all the documentation. Fortunately, Transport Canada accepted our efforts, and the company was able to continue operations.

And fire is not the only disaster that can strike- floods and other natural disasters can occur, but more mundane things can happen. Your hard drive could fail, you could delete some important documents without realizing it, you could be subject to a Cryptolocker randsomware attack that encrypts all your files and extorts cash from you.

It is never too soon to consider what level of risk is appropriate for you and your business. What data and records are vital to your business? How much downtime can your business endure? We can discuss which solutions that satisfy your risk tolerance without excessive costs. For some users, backing up their computers to an external hard drive is adequate; for others, a real time backup system providing full server virtualization within one hour of a disaster is required. A reasonable level of protection for most can be achieved without significant cost in most cases. Backups are insurance for your data, just like your insurance on your home and car.

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