Backups and Disaster Recovery

Automatica specializes in assisting you in evaluating the myriad offerings in the backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery field. We can ensure that you understand the trade offs between the various offerings. Backing up to external hard drives? A cost effective solution, but best practices recommend taking a drive offsite on a regular basis. We can help assess your current system and let you know of any hidden issues or potential problems.


When downtime costs you, the answer is Datto. When you’re protected by a Datto, you can sleep easily knowing that your data is backed up as often as hourly; and that in the event of a disaster or hardware failure you can be back up and running within 60 minutes. Datto creates a local backup, then once or twice a day uploads an encrypted copy to Datto’s cloud storage. If your sever fails, you can create a virtual copy and be back where you were in almost no time. If your business experiences a more serious issue, such as fire or theft, we can vitrualize your entire server in the cloud, even at an alternate location.

Datto also provides easy recovery of any accidentally deleted files, and will even alert you to any ransomware outbreaks on your network.